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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is my passion and I am so happy I can make living doing what I love.


Web Design

Good design makes sites functionally and aesthetically enjoyable experience.


GUI Design

It was fascinating to design user esperience making it come to life on touch panels.


Other Skills

Photography, illustration, packaging, painting, drawing, signs, video and more..


Nine years of continuous work experience in Graphic Design and other related fields has been a real life school, which allowed me to learn what really works. As taking a class in BW film photography can give understanding of digital image capture and editing, skills in other older technologies can provide in-depth understanding of the ones used today. Before deciding between an inexperienced enthusiast and a professional, who can take your projects and complete them from start to completion with no or minimal supervision, or even take your business to a new level, consider the overall cost of time and results. You may be surprised that having an experienced professional may not only be less expensive, but it will add more credibility and value to your overall staff. Please call me to see if I am what you really need.

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Graphic Design, Web Design, GUI Design are not only about software proficiency or familiarity with some design principles. Design is not something one can be taught but something one can learn, developing God given inner artistic sense. Design is something one can work out creating countless pieces of art. The result is intuitive sense and the talent that works fast and produces much. It allows one to create in a couple of hours what takes some one else a long time. Talent is the ability to comfortably use the most up to date tools to quickly produce a masterpiece that sells. Talent can create an exhibition piece that a few can appreciate and even fewer afford, but the talent that works on the day-to-day basis, meeting deadlines and producing exactly what you need is priceless. Talent is the ability to see what most others don't. Talent is not self-centered, it can appreciate the talent of others and learn further. It is an engine that any creative person needs in order to move and work. Brake it, suppress it, ignore it, treat an artist as a mere tool and you will get something you won't want to pay for and what's even worse: no one else will. I am confident that I can bring to your company the talent you need. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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Confucius once said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I've been truly fortunate and blessed to do what I love for many years. It feels truly great to go to work you enjoy, to leave the work place knowing you accomplished something. It feels great to work with people you appreciate and are loyal to. Regardless of any stress or negativity that can arise from time-to-time, the love of work and the company that gives you the opportunity to work can overcome any obstacle. I've learned to never quit until there is nothing left to quit. I learned to fight through any challenge and to rise above any problem. I learned the value of trust holding company credit cards in my hands countless times with accountability for every cent as if I was spending my own. I understand that my own success depends on the overall success of the company I am a part of. I realize that at the end of the day it is not about me or my value, but about the value of whatever my company offers. This is why I am eager to work independently or as a part of a team for a common purpose that makes any business great. Call me and let me contribute to your success.

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Throughout his time with Advantus, Anatoliy played an integral part in development of our product packaging and presentation materials - including picture-perfect mock-ups for customer review. Anatoliy also served as our lead photographer and retouch artist. Anatoliy's duties have required that he interact with peers company-wide, as well as external resources. In all instances Anatoliy has presented himself in a professional and cordial manner while keeping a keen focus on accomplishing the varied tasks at hand.
I give you this recommendation with the knowlege that Anatoliy will serve you with devotion and apply his talents with the utmost dilligence.
- Keith Metzger (Advantus Corp. Dir. of Marketing)
The website looks great; it seems very easy to navigate around, choose the products you want to purchase, add to cart, etc. The website is also very sharp as far as the graphics, pictures, and the overall look/presentation goes. I compared it to some of your soon to be competitor’s websites and think that you definitely have one of the better looking, easier navigating sites on the web.
- Monica Bernhardt (Pics2DVD, customer)

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